Heat Loss Inspection

Due to the ever-increasing cost of energy, conservation and efficiency have become major priorities.

That is why ThermoTest offers building envelope testing. Inspecting your building’s envelope using infrared thermography will identify porous areas in the facility where you can see your money, in the form of heat, seeping out of faulty windows, doors, facades, etc.

A ThermoTest building envelope test will pinpoint areas where gross heat loss is occurring, identify the probable cause, and work with your facility’s personnel to best determine how repairs should be made.

By sealing your building envelope, your heating and cooling equipment will not have to work as hard to maintain a constant temperature, saving your building on future equipment replacement and repairs.

Testing your building’s envelope will not only reduce energy costs and drafty conditions in your facility, but it will also increase the operational lifetime of your heating and cooling equipment.



Heat loss scanning of building envelopes is an invaluable tool for locating areas of heat/energy loss.  Building envelope scanning must be performed late at night after the solar radiation has been released from the building surface.  A minimum of a 20° temperature differential between the interior and exterior of building is needed to ensure the proper results.

Our experienced technicians are able to determine if the thermal profiles found are of normal profile or problems that need correction.  With rising energy costs, building envelope scanning is a must have in any company’s energy conservation program.

Cold air infiltration can also be evaluated by scanning the exterior walls from the interior of the building with access permitting.