Power Quality and Harmonic Testing

For high volume electrical power users, poor power quality can cause increased utility costs and decreased operational life of electrical and mechanical equipment.

When ThermoTest performs a power quality test at your facility, you can identify and monitor: Power consumption & demand, phase relationships/phase imbalance, voltage deviations (sags-spikes), harmonic distortion, and frequency stability.

Fluctuations in voltage and power quality cause brownouts and outages. This results in costly downtime & repairs. Harmonic distortion causes electrical and mechanical equipment to run hot, decreasing its operational lifetime.

When ThermoTest performs power quality testing, you will receive all the information your facility needs to add, or replace old equipment on an electrical service. In addition to this, you will be provided with the information you need to repair any voltage deviations, load imbalances, or harmonic distortion which is already occurring at your facility.


Our technicians utilize state of the art power monitoring equipment.  We can provide testing services from basic equipment load tests to in-depth harmonic evaluations.  Our reports detail all power conditions and diagnose all problems found.