Infrared Applications

Infrared thermography is the most effective way to diagnose hot spots and potential breakdowns in electrical/mechanical equipment.

Infrared testing is both non-destructive and non-invasive. Since testing is done while the building is under normal electric load, it won’t interrupt the daily operation of your facility.

Infrared testing will cut maintenance time and electricity costs by correctly identifying problems before failures occur and emergency measures have to be taken.

Reducing costly down-time and the possibility of electrical fires are just some of the advantages of routinely testing your facility with thermotest.

Infrared testing will allow your facility to create a maintenance program after testing occurs, so that repairs to the problems found (depending on severity) are made as your timetable allows, and there is no lost productivity.

Tomorrow’s problems don’t need to happen. Using Thermotest’s 30 years of experience and state of the art technology is a cost-effective way for property owners and managers to protect their real estate investments.